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Low Summit Kicker Posse


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Sean Richardson
Age: 18
Years skiing: 14
Skis: Atomic Beta V7.2 and Twizz Stix (homemade twintips)
Hobbies other than skiing: RC Aircraft, my car
Best Tricks: 360 mute, 720, twisters, backscratchers, etc.


Kevin Lee
Age: 18
Years skiing: 15
Skis: '00/'01 Line Darksides
Hobbies other than skiing: Kayaking, Biking, Skiing
Best Tricks: Mute, 180, 360, Saftey, Front Flipp, Lui Kang ect....

Rowen Tych
Age: 15
Years skiing: 13
Skis: Atomic Beta 7.22, soon to have 1080's
Hobbies other than skiing: Computer gaming, watching british comedy, devising new ways to kill myself on skis without needing snow
Best Tricks:  Turning regular hamburgers into big macs! 360 lui kang, kinda
corked 3's, and anything under