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Movie Reviews


Most of the following ski movies were from the '01/'02 season.

2002/2003 Movie reviews coming soon, as soon as we buy some.
By: the McCormick Brothers/Pow Pow Productions
Opinion: This movie was a nice change of pace from the average ski movie. It followed a group of skiers, some known and some unknown, on a trip from Denver, Colorado to Whistler, B.C. It had lots of commentary and interviews throughout the whole movie. The commentary and interviews made the movie flow better, but there was a little too much of it. A little less talk and a little more skiing would be nice.  So I'll have to give this movie a 3 1/2 stars.
Mind the Addiction
By: Teaton Gravity Research
Opinion: This movie combines best of both worlds, park and big mountian.  This movie has some big names in it such as: Jeremy Nobis and Candide Thovex.  This movie was quite enjoyable with commentary from the skiers about certain decents as the decents are shown.  It has some great head cam shots throughout the movie also.  The only thing wrong with it is that since it is TGR there are some snowboarders in it, but what the hell are ya gonna do? So I'll have to give this a 4 1/2 stars.
By: Johnny DeCesare/Poor Boyz Productions
Opinion: Propaganda was one of the best movies of this year.  It had great camera work and great music, with matrix style special effects.  The soundtrack comes with the video and is a great addition to your cd collection.  This movie has some of the biggest park hits you will ever see from a newschool skiing video.  If you were looking to buy one park video this year, I would strongly suggest this to be the one. 5 stars
By: Jeff Thomas
Found at: in the store on
By: Eric Iberg
Opinion: This video has an urban feel to it.  It has lots of urban jibbing and some great park hits.  It has a mainly rap soundtrack that kind of took away from the movie in my opinion.  For me this movie wasn't all that great.  It had some great skiing and camera work.  If I had to pick one part of this movie that turned me away, it would have to be the music.  For great camera work and all around great park skiing Ill give this movie 3 stars. 
By: Ski Bum Productions
Found at: in the store on
By: Aaron Allibone
Found at: in the store on
Opinion:  This movie is no doubt one of the best ski movies I have ever seen. For being an amateur video it gives some great competition to the big film companies such as MSP, TRG, and PBP. I have to give Aaron Allibone mad props for this great film. He took some great music, terrific time-lapse, crazy camera angles, and terrific pow, park, and backcountry footage and turned it into an amazing piece of art. I am very glad that I stumbled upon this movie and bought it. It has been a great addition to my movie collection and I can't wait to see Aarons next masterpiece. Keep your eye out for the name Aaron Allibone, I have a feeling you will be seeing it all over the place in a year or two. I would strongly urge you to buy this video. I give 5 stars.
By: Michael Crichton/Aggressive Instincts Production
Found at: in the store on
Ski Movie 2 High Society
By: Matchstick Productions
By: David Levin/Jibtech Productions
By: Low Summit Kicker Posse
Found at: Contact us
Opinion: Best 6 min. ski movie ever!  This is our first movie showcasing our jumping from the 2001-2002 season.  Lot's of great footage from the park at Snoqualmie, as well as some great jumps we built.  This video truly shows the reality of becoming a freestyle skier, as half of the already short movie (approx. 6min) is a yard sale section.  We will also be adding footage of some of our summer sessions at Mt. Rainier, as well as some street skiing!  Hopefully we will add some "big mountain" skiing later on, but all around a great movie!  I won't rate this movie because it wouldn't be fair.
Area 51
Found at:
Opinion: Wow, this gets any skier nostalgic! A short film, this was made back when huntony's were cool and when the D-spin was non-existant. Everyone in the film has the old Salomons too! The film has sequences of tricks mixed in with a overall theme of "escape". The people at Teton Gravity Productions must have thought it would be cool to add a out of context storyline to this ski
film, and once watching Area 51, you can see why nobody has ever attempted this again. Whenever i watch the movie, i try and fast forward through the
"action" scenes to the actuall skiing. Sadly, by doing this, the films
showing time is reduced by half, lowering the actuall skiing footy down to
about 15 minutes. I guess this movie can be cool if you want to see the stars
of the New Schooling scene before they became stars, and if you want to see
CR do his 1440. other than that, this film features a moderate soundtrack,
crummy film quality compared to those today, and a overall unimpressive
magnitude of tricks. In Short, if you want to see the stars that you are so
devoted to in thier early years, this is the film for you. But if you're
looking for a good ski movie, skip this one. Three years ago it might have
been cool, but now there are more deserving films out there. Approval rating:
2 stars.