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Low Summit Kicker Posse
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First Launched: 6/2/02
Last Updated: 12/3/02

Whats goin down
This will be the area in which we post the up and coming sessions that we are planning.
The ski season is slowly approaching and soon we will be skiing once again.  Come join us for some pre-season jibbing once some snow actually falls!!!
We went up to Baker last weekend, and had a BLAST!!!  A few of us might be going up this coming weekend again, if there's still enough snow that is!

Reality- Our movie for the '01/'02 season. Its our first movie so check it out and tell us what you think, but be patient. It takes a while to load, but its worth it! Thanks!

Coming of Age by DJ Twizz

Copyright 2002 by The Low Summit Kicker Posse/ Full Mute Productions


This is a new site that will provide insight into the evolution of an up and coming group of freestyle skiiers.  The LSKP (Low Summit Kicker Posse) only consists of 3 members: Sean, Kevin, and Rowen.  We all live in the Seattle/Western Washington region.

Hopefully, this site will be updated every month or so with new video footage and pictures.  Our plan is to make a movie for every season of the year, showcasing the lifestyles of skiers throughout the year.  From urban jibbing in the spring and summer to the pre-season, rock skiing of the fall, to the park hits during the winter.